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Comedians trying to break into show business are a dime a dozen.  And once a comedian becomes successful in his chosen career, it doesn't mean that it will be forever.  Only those who are truly gifted and who exert effort to improve their craft and their personalities continue to make waves and money for a long time.A person may have the gift of making other people laugh but it takes guts and training to become a successful comedian.  Anyone who thinks he is funny enough to warrant a second look and to start a career in stand up comedy or in other fields should take the necessary steps to improve his performance.Most comedians know how to make their own acts because almost everyone of them started their careers as a one-man or one-woman company.

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A person who can make people laugh may just have future career in show business!  He can be a host of corporate events, pageants and other occasions and events that requires wit and personality.
It isn't easy to become a good comedian even if a person is gifted with gab and with and the matching personality to boot.  He mustn't rely on his talent alone but must undergo training and coaching to make it big in the wild world of show business

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