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CU-MBA-SEM-III-Strategic HRM-Review Report Book-converted


BCM106__Human Resource Management-converted-converted

BCM107_Principles of Management-converted-converted

MBA607_Operations Management 1-converted-converted

MCA641 CU-MCA-SEM-IV-Software_Project_Management_26-10-20 Modified-converted-converted

MCA642 MCA-SEM-IV-Advanced Data Base management system-26.10.2020-converted-converted

MCM606_Financial Management-converted-converted

MCM608 CU -Sem II - Mcom -Microfinance Management-converted-converted

CU-MBA-SEM-III-Management of Financial Services-Second draft 1

MCA634-Advanced Computer Networks

MCA642_Advanced Data Base Management System

CU-BSC-TTM-SEM-III-Environmental, Waste and Disaster Management

CU-MBA-SEM-I-Leadership & Organizational Behavior -second draft

CU-SEM-III-MCOM-Management of Financial Services

CU-MCOM-SEM-III-International Financial Management

MBA _ sem 3 _ 613_ Information System Management

CU-MBA-SEM-III-Talent Acquisition and Management- Second Draft

CU-BSC-TTM-SEM-III-Environmental, Waste and Disaster Management

CU- SEM III -BCM112- Management of Financial Institutions and Services1

CU-BBA -SEM III-Advertising Management- Second Draft

CU-SEM-III-MCOM-Management of Financial Services

Hexagon Brochure

2019 ATNS Integrated Report

Hexagon Brochure


Computer Security Management


RP School of Management & Communications_SMC 2021

7.การบริหารจัดการเวลาบนโลกดิจิทัล Screen Time Management

การบริหารจัดการเวลาบนโลกดิจิทัล Screen Time Management

KPRJ Astakapuri Brochure Online

Weekly 12th feb final


Debt Management - Getting Out Of Debt

Property Management Service Guarantee

JSBF Placement Brochure 2021

RYCO-QRAM RYCO Asset Management System

Management Agreement with LJHY

A3-31 – دراسة إدارية باللغة الإنجليزية

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, total publications, featured content CU-MBA-SEM-III-Strategic HRM-Review Report Book-converted
, total publications, featured content BCA125_INTRODUCTION TO LEADERSHIP AND MANGEMEN1-converted-converted
, total publications, featured content BCM106__Human Resource Management-converted-converted
, total publications, featured content BCM107_Principles of Management-converted-converted
, total publications, featured content MBA607_Operations Management 1-converted-converted

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