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BIM 360 Glue - BIM Manager Admin Training tj.vadney

Devere Folder Combined PDF

Devere Industrial Folder graphics

Portfolio Book 2017

IM'Miao | Multimedia Designer mhong1995

An architectural publication project made in early 2017.

Artscape Unity Suites: Architectural Project Publication Nicollo Abe

Handbook to facilitate the Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects of the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines

Official Development Assistance Handbook for Philippine Higher Education linethbrondial


tsantimyerEDUC802-flipbook1 tami.santimyer

EFlipBook Betts 1

EFlipBook Betts 1 tami.santimyer

Manage_Recruiter's Guide 2016-17

Manage_Recruiter's Guide 2016-17 saasdfsd

My Reflections in Architectural Design essay (a quick reflection on some of the work done in the past 9 months)

Reflection on Architectural Design huali8902

project room

IAGA is Now Studio iagacontemporaryart

A comic book created by Arnav Khairari. This is a production of the Comic Book Project:

Arnav's Comic! mbitz10

Camco Winter Edition Brochure 2017

Camco Winter Edition 2017 melaniel

Louise Obitsø Kristensen

Louise Obitsø Kristensen louise

Prolog Converge

Prolog Converge rsvaitheki

The Basics - Prolog

The Basics rsvaitheki

The Basics

The Basics rsvaitheki

The Basics

The Basics dpeter

Andrew Martin - Digital Work Examples 11x9

Andrew Martin - Digital Work Examples 11x9 andrew.martin

Andrew Martin - Digital Work Examples - LARGE FONT

Andrew Martin - Digital Work Examples - LARGE FONT andrew.martin

The cultural difference between Thailand and China

Cross-Cultural Interview and Reflection Project klongsamsib.42


final-project smile4case

final project

final project- interview smile4case

The next generation of Computer Aided Design (CAD) system is called Building Information Modelling (BIM), which has been introduced in the market only few years ago. 

The BIM methodology is becoming the keystone in the Delivery Models of vertical and social infrastructures (hospitals, airports, skyscrapers, etc.).

BIM involves the coordination of different technologies for project management through a single 3D digital model that shortens the times of both the design and the production, and therefore it reduces costs. It can be combined with a construction model (4D modeling) as well as with all the components (WBS) of the work and all its attributes. BIM easily allows to generate a 5D model to better manage budgets, cash flows and other essential key-factor parameters. It also implies a new way of coordinating the different teams involved, improving the quality of the engineering projects, architecture and construction.

Contact info@tiberinternational,com for more information.


Annual Review 2016 English

Annual Review 2016 English URC Kuwait

Gold Land Profile

Gold Land Profile trismedia07

Goldland Profile

Goldland Profile trismedia07

2017 PS41 Auction Digital Journal

2017 PS41 Auction Journal Digital PS41 2017 Benefit Gala

Mobile Project Management Services for Sage 100 Contractor.

Sage Service Field Operations United Solutions, Inc.


PAS1192-2_2013 niall.murphy

BPA Sample Document - V9

BPA Sample Document - V9 Autodesk TS Team

Camco Autumn Edition Brochure 2017

Camco Autumn Edition 2017 melaniel

March 2017 Info Binder

March 2017 Info Binder michelle.petrazzuolo

First edition - April 2017

Mashova Pulse mandyhuman7


ProjectManagement akaenglish

Repushield ltd third eye_project_INEC

Repushield ltd third eye_project_INEC lasheosoba

Naqsha Bana Pakistan 3

Naqsha Bana Pakistan 3 omer

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