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Teaching manual - English - STD 1 sreelatha.venugopalan

Those who work in economic anthropology are aware of the importance of the
economy in public thought and debate. In retrospect, Adam Smith might well
have titled his book The health of nations, for in our day, if not in his, it seems
that the health of a country is defined by its wealth, just as the final judgement
of an activity is its bottom line, how it gains or loses money. And overweening
in our day is economics, whether the formal, theoretical economics of scholars
like Gary Becker, the more applied economics of bodies like the Federal
Reserve Board or the Bank of England, or the less rigorous economics of
public thought and debate.
This state of affairs is likely both to exhilarate and to distress
anthropologists who work on economy. It exhilarates because it points out the
importance of what they study, which is, after all, economic life. It is likely to
distress because the economic life that they see in their research often looks so
different from the world construed by those

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Political economy, culture and the information age
The most recent ‘grand narrative’ to provide a framework for explaining the
political economy of the modern world is that of Castells in his three-volume
work, The information age(1996, 1997, 1999). This work traces the impact of
information technology on the world economy and social structure. It brings
together a number of Castells’s earlier interests, including the role of the state
in consumption (compare Castells 1977), social movements (Castells 1983)
and the relationship between information technology and urban development
(Castells 1989; Castells and Hall 1994). It also shows how the new technology
is leading to a process of polarisation between the rich and the poor, as well as
Anthropology, political economy and world-system theory 35
to the erosion of the nation-state and the internationalisation of organised
crime. A large part of the third volume deals with regional polarisation
between a ‘fourth world’, consisting of much

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