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Bahama Catholic - March 2015

Bahama Catholic - March 2015 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - January/February 2012

Bahama Catholic - January/February 2012 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - May/June 2012

Bahama Catholic - May/June 2012 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - August/September 2012

Bahama Catholic - August/September 2012 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - April/May 2012

Bahama Catholic - April/May 2012 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - September 2011

Bahama Catholic - September 2011 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - October/November 2011

Bahama Catholic - October/November 2011 jay_h_c

Bahama Catholic - December 2011

Bahama Catholic - December 2011 jay_h_c

St Therese Catholic Primary Teacher Passport patricia.payne

Summer Fayre online

Summer Fayre online hannah.martin

On April 5, 1909, there appeared a frontpage article in the Phoenix (Arizona) Gazette. It told of an expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon, funded by the Smithsonian Institute. A transcription of the article can be found at The Phoenix Gazette 1909 article about the Smithsonian Institute’s expedition is a rich story of finding a labyrinth of manmade tunnels high above the Colorado River—a virtual citadel filled with ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, armor, statues of Proto-Indo-Iranian gods, and mummies.[1] However, if you call the Smithsonian, they will tell you that no such record exists about their role in the Grand Canyon and Isis Temple. NATIVE AMERICANS were fooled with mysticism.
James Smithson (whatever his real name) was supposedly the founder of the Smithsonian Institution, despite never visiting the U.S. But in fact, Smithson was a student associate of Freemasons and alchemists, affiliated with the Roman Catholic French monarchy.

Beware-Syncretism-Jesuits-GrandCanyon xpknights

Liturgical Press - Catholic Books 2016

Liturgical Press - Catholic Books 2016 flycoopfly

Describes how the Church was infultrated by the Freemasons in the 1960s.

Pages 207

Lucifers Lodge Satanic Abuse in the Vatican miss books
frankincense from the Arabian peninsula, lavender from France, bergamot from Italy. vetiver from Indonesia, linden blossom from Germany.

Womens Perfume excelsisusa

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