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TEKSER gained a huge experience by serving almost 80% of the food and beverage industry in Turkey, which made her an expert in industrial ceramic tiled floors of new and old (renovated) factories. Three of her partners being chemical engineers, the company has specially formalised chemicals that are integral part of their turn-key tiling systems. In 1996 TEKSER started applying the renown European Vibration System of Tiling. In 2005 TEKSER decided to expand its services out of Turkey. Today the company has completed over a 1000 projects with almost 2 million m2 of successfully installed industrial tile systems in over 30 countries in Middle East, Russia and Turkic Republics, East Europe, North and continental Africa, South Asia, North America for many local and global companies.

TEKSER Technical Ceramic Inc. Catalogue info

ISO 9000 in construction An examination of its application in Turkey

ISO 9000 in construction An examination of its application in Turkey o325601

The ADOR button on the front panel is a momentary, normally open switch. The connection pins on the ADOR electronic board are wired in parallel across this switch so the internal switch should still work.

Ador1 Automatic Chicken Door adorstore

Windstar Cruises Voyage Guide

Windstar Cruises Voyage Guide

Take your medications: Chantix & Zyban To Stop Smoking. Why they don't work.

Take your medications: Chantix & Zyban To Stop Smoking. Why they don't work. kevincrowley

56 species belonging to 60 taxa (out of 126 species in the World) of Caryophyllaceae family grows naturally in Turkey with Gypsophila sps L. as the third largest genus. The endemism ratio of the genus is 60% in Turkey. Because Turkey is the gene center of Gypsophila and economically very valuable; determining the geographic distribution and biological characteristics of the taxa is very necessary. They have well-developed roots, that prevent soil erosion. Because of containing saponin (10-25 %) in their root, its extract is used as fire extinguisher, gold polisher, cleaner and softener of delicate fabrics and crispness giving substance for halva. It is also used for making liqueur, herbal cheese, ice cream and some other foods. Some taxa are boron hyper acumulators and vegetative mining can be conducted by hyper accumulation. They are also thought to be the cleaning tools for toxid areas by fitoremediation.

Determining the Natural Gypsophila L. Coven Taxa Growing in Tunceli Turkey researchinbiology


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alestaa catalog

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