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January Newsletter ryan.beck

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Occasionally, there are some childhood memories that can be easily remembered as if it was just yesterday. And these nostalgic memories are sometimes brought back by the ocean. One survey conducted that, building sand castles on beaches are one of the most memorable childhood experience of many. And as time passes by, these childhood memories are something you will look back over and over again.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group: A Network of Beach Volunteers carisatodarski

During summer, a beach becomes our favorite playground. A place where we can swim, surf, relax and hangout with family and friends. But the enjoyment brought by the ocean also carries a risk for anyone. Each year, many people die due to drowning. In this case, it is really essential to have a lifesaver patrolling beaches to prevent and avoid the sudden loss of life.

A Symbol of Safety - Southbourne Surf Group poguezora788

There is something about sea water that draws and fascinates us humans. It might be because sea water has a similar composition as our blood plasma and that we desperately seek to connect with this omnipresent element on Earth.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group Review Patrolling for the Betterment of the Community aardgstr12


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THE RIP JAN 2015 kcrane6

Our beautiful black sand beaches are topped with perfect peeling surf. Considered El Salvador’s best beach, it is one of the best kept secrets of the surfing community, cited by Wavehunters as being a “surfers Disneyland of right hand point breaks… that rival the best in the world.” Our tour packages include boat trips to Punta Mango, El Toro, Punta Bongo and rides to Las Flores. We have extremely consistent surf, with average swells at chest to head high range and larger swells of 8 to 15 ft coming in regularly. It is the perfect place for novices and pros alike, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Hotel De Playa El Salvador azulsurfclub

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

Drift 2015 tom

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