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380-18_Animal atlas book_A5_highres Five Stars HK

Compass Adventures Euro Brochure

Compass Adventures Euro Brochure info

12. higiene y reproducción animal

12. higiene y reproducción animal galanjimenezjudit

Bodytalk For Animals is designed to re-establish good communication within an animal’s body. BodyTalk for Animals supports the resynchronization of the animal’s internal systems to provide fluid communication between the various components of the body, thus keeping the body sound and less vulnerable to disease. BodyTalk for Animals, which is more oriented to the animal professional, can be used on domestic animals or on wild animals alike As the Facilitations are done by “short-distance” whilst using a surrogate to ensure safety, there is no hands-on contact with the animal, thus making it safe for the animal and the BodyTalk for Animals practitioner. Browse this site for more information on Bodytalk For Animals. follow us :

Bodytalk For Animals bodytalk for animals

Efficacy of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Acute Lung Injury in Preclinical Animal Models: A Systematic Review

Efficacy of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Acute Lung Injury in Preclinical Animal Models: A Systematic Review regisbarreto

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals jessica.albers

User Guide

User Guide samwhalley

Xtreme Catalogue 2016 Eland

Xtreme Catalogue 2016 Eland Jacques

January Newsletter SCFA 2013 FINAL

January Newsletter SCFA 2013 Tracyleesullivan

ProBono Volunteer Project for Franklin Township Animal Shelter

August Newsletter SCFA 2012 Tracyleesullivan


animalfarm goodman_skt


job15770_manatex_ANIMAL_PRINT_activewear_apresentacao desenvolvimento

LORT 2015 Annual report

LORT 2015 Annual report mirkokarac

Manatex campanha 90 glamorous

Manatex campanha 90 glamorous desenvolvimento

04_MANUSCRIPT 22 - Biogas of Animal Faeces in Aceh -- Indonesia - YKU

04_MANUSCRIPT 22 - Biogas of Animal Faeces in Aceh -- Indonesia - YKU alikomeini

03_PAPER -- Biogas Pilot Project of Animal Faeces in Meunasah Papeun -- YKU

03_PAPER -- Biogas Pilot Project of Animal Faeces in Meunasah Papeun -- YKU alikomeini

Diagnosis of pasteurellosis has become difficult, as there are five different capsular types and 16 somatic types. Molecular techniques like PCR are adapted nowadays for rapid and accurate diagnosis in early stage of the disease and also it provides useful information for epidemiological studies. The present study was conducted to study the efficiency of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the identification of P. multocida isolates and evaluation of different PCR methods viz., (i) PCR using genomic DNA (ii) PCR using culture lysate and (iii) PCR by colony touch method. In the present study P. multocida specific PCR was performed by using KMT1SP6 and KMT1T7 oligos. These oligos amplified the genomic DNA from P. multocida isolates only. All the three methods produced PCR amplified product at 460 bp and colony touch method was found to be the best method.

Identification of Animal Pasteurellosis by PCR Assay researchinbiology

Use of medicinal plants for the prevention and treatment of digestive tract ailments in cattle has originated long back in the history. An attempt was made to list out different successful preparations used by rural traditional healers and farmers to cure the common digestive tract ailments of the domestic cattle, mainly cows and buffaloes. Personal interviews with pre-structured questionnaire, observation of preparation of herbal medicines and their administration, results attained etc. were made to make a preliminary study of the traditional method of treatment. Collection of sample plant species and their identification, refinements of the methods adopted for preparation of these herbal medicines were done with the help of the local people especially the village heads and older persons. A total of 66 plant species of 40 families distributed in 61 genera was recorded. Efficacy of these preparations was examined in the subsequent visits.

Treatment of digestive tract ailments in cattle with herbal folk-medicines: A preliminary study in Ganjam District researchinbiology

The purpose of this study at first was to know the level of knowledge of farmers on recurrent diseases in Grand Kanem and ways to fight against them; and secondly to provide NGOs and policy makers with ways to improve the animal health situation of animals in this region. Two team of experts were formed to cover the area of study in 10 days. Operating income for the livestock system is concerned mainly in the study. Sheets serving as guides for interviews focused on the following points: the most common diseases, the disease name in the vernacular, the periods of their appearance, the manifestation of these diseases, the major difficulties to fight against these diseases and so on. The individual interviews with farmers and groups (focus) helped to know the level of knowledge of recurrent diseases in the region. The description of the manifestation of certain diseases, their time of onset and the socioeconomic consequences show familiarity among breeders with these conditions.

Knowledge of diseases and animal control methods at the Grand Kanem in Chad researchinbiology

European Travel Magazine - Issue 2 - November 2013 Nov 2013

European Travel Magazine - Issue 2 - November 2013 Nov 2013 devide.ka

Animals at Home (READERS.L1)

Animals at Home READERS.L1 newstarchj3

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